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Experts believe that quality landscaping / landscape gardening typically add 7.5% to 13% value to a Reigate property. The more effective the landscaping you invest in, the better your return. Factors you should consider include your contractor’s reputation for good handiwork, the quality of materials used, how stylish or “in vogue” the feature is, and whether or not the project is replacing an aspect of your property that is antiquated and badly in need of some TLC.


For example, investing in patio laying or calling in driveway contractors will be a fantastic for homeowners without patios or modern driveways, while other homeowners around Reigate might be better prioritising investing in new garden fencing or garden landscaping. On this page, the team at Andrew Jee Landscaping – the Reigate’s area’s leading landscaping specialist – has run through a few of the most common ways in which our clients look to improve their homes via landscaping and landscape gardening.

How to Add Value to Your Reigate Property via Landscaping

Patios – Stylish Outdoor Living Areas


Outdoor living has only become more and more popular over recent years. As a result, house hunters looking for properties around Reigate are increasingly placing emphasis on having a patio or decked area to relax and entertain guests in. Calling in an expert patio laying team, like Andrew Jee Landscaping, is an extremely effective way of boosting property value. They can prove totally transformative, being a centre piece for wider landscape gardening work. As they can be built out of many different materials, and in many different patterns, we’ll be able to work with you to design something that perfectly suits you and your property’s unique sense of style.


Garden Fencing – More Than A Necessity


Garden fencing is often seen as a necessary evil, it keeps out prying eyes and would-be intruders great and small, but can look drab, uninspiring or even ugly. But this needn’t be the case! If your Reigate property is suffering from particularly poor garden fencing, replace it! Our team of garden landscaping specialists can source garden fencing in many different materials and styles, from simple well-built lap panel fencing made from a quality timber, to something slightly more showy incorporating trellises and ornate panels.


Landscape Gardening – Make a Statement


Landscape gardening refers to how you utilise soft features, like turf, trees and plants, alongside hard landscaping features like patio laying, paving, walls etc. Combine the two, perhaps with furniture, LED lighting and similar extra features, and the possibilities are endless. You can really turn your garden into a breath-taking space that is timelessly stylish and bound to impress any potential buyers, who’ll be all the willing to spend more for it!


Driveways – The Gateway to Your Property


Now, looking to the front of your property. Curb appeal is a bit of a buzzword among property companies and driveway contractors, but it carries a lot of weight. It means how attractive your property looks when viewed from the outside. One of the first things you see when pulling up to a property, on foot or in a vehicle, is its driveway. A poor quality driveway built by lazy or unqualified driveway contractors is not only highly unattractive, but not very functional. It will often suffer from standing water and similar problems.


To instantly add value to your property and improve its front garden area, call in Andrew Jee Landscaping, the Reigate area’s top choice driving contractors. We can design and build you something that looks fantastic, while simultaneously proving fit for purpose.

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