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Like many industries, landscaping and landscape gardening experience trends that are popularised by celebrities, magazines, television shows and similar cultural influencers. One year we might find that our Redhill clients are opting for a certain type of garden fencing or patio laying, and another our driveway contractors might register a massive jump in the amount of clients choosing block paving over competing materials.


To remain at the top of our game, the Andrew Jee Landscaping team needs to keep up with all the trends that emerge. So, on this page, we’ve run through a few that we believe will prove popular around Redhill throughout 2017 and beyond!

4 Landscaping Trends Scheduled to Sweep Redhill in 2017

  1. Natural Vibes – For many years, landscaping and landscape gardening trend setters have advocated a distinctly man-sculpted minimalism in their gardens. But recently, they’ve been increasingly moving toward a more overgrown, natural aesthetic. Lots of green and plants on climbers bringing life to garden fencing, for example, will just be one way that Redhill homeowners look to bring their space into 2017.
  2. Outdoor Living – For a number of years now, gardens have becoming more and more comfortable and seen as a place not just to unwind, but spend a serious amount of time. Sheltered areas completed with heating and lighting for those chillier Redhill evenings are very in demand in 2017. Hot tubs, which Andrew Jee Landscaping specialise in installing, are part of this move toward more luxurious outdoor living. Give some thought to integrating one within your outdoor space – the fun doesn’t need to stop at patio laying (and this is coming from Redhill’s patio laying specialist)!
  3. Block Paving Sticks Around – Any driveway contractors who know their stuff will tell you that the sheer popularity of block paving as a material refuses to waver. Why? Well it looks fantastic, is affordable, versatile, low maintenance and durable. I.E, it ticks all the boxes needs to be a quality driveway material. While this isn’t exactly a new trend, being the Redhill area’s go-to driveway contractors, we didn’t think it’d be right not to give credit where credit is due – block paving is sticking around.
  4. Fire Pits & BBQs – Building on the earlier point of an outdoor living trend, fire pits and barbeque pits are also proving hot property, excuse the pun! Great fun to gather around with family and friends, and a fantastic staging area during gatherings and parties, what beats toasting your hands against an open fire – and a few burgers on the grill? A fire pit or BBQ to complement your patio laying project is a grand idea.
  5. Edible Spaces – This won’t be news to anyone keen on their landscape gardening, but growing your own fruit, veg and spices is extremely popular these days. Magazines and televisions shows encouraging people to have a go, as it’s not only economical and healthy but also quite fun, have really spurred on people around Redhill and the wider UK. Not to mention, the 360% increase in British vegans over the past decade probably have something to do with it! We’re more than happy to help you integrate edible plants should you wish to have a go yourself. Some can even be planted to grow up garden fencing, if you lack space on the ground.

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