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We often receive inquiries from Horley homeowners who are sounding out a landscaping company for a quote, as they’re unsure whether or not to commit to say, bringing in patio laying or driveway contractors. But a quote is nothing without context. It’s important to know all the pros associated with any given home improvement, e.g replacing battered garden fencing. This way you can really get a feel for what you’re paying for.


On this page, we’ve run through just a few benefits of various home improvements that Andrew Jee Landscaping offer, including landscape gardening. We hope reading them will help you come to the right decision on whether or not it’s the right time for you to invest in home improvements.

Reasons to Invest in Our Landscaping & Landscape Gardening Services

Driveways – One of the most valuable home improvements you can make is replacing a tired, worn or antiquated driveway. Not only do shoddy and dated driveways look awful, tarnishing the curb appeal of your home, but they can suffer from serious drainage issues. Our driveway contractors can use block paving, stone, brick or tarmac to create a stylish, functional new driveway that will both prove a pleasure to use, and improve the value of your Horley home.


Patios – One aspect of landscaping that is popular year-in and year-out is patio laying. It’s no wonder why these paved open spaces are so in demand, they’re an ideal outside space which can be used for all sorts of reasons. Eating a meal outside during the hotter months, entertaining friends during a gathering or party, or simply being a place to sit down after a long day and unwind with a book. The main reason to invest in patio laying would be if you don’t currently have a paved area in your garden and feel you’re not getting the most out of it. The Andrew Jee Landscaping team, based near Horley, will be able to help design you a patio that meets your needs and gets you back out enjoying your garden.


Garden Fencing – Poor quality, broken or rotting garden fencing isn’t just a problem aesthetically, it can have a significant impact when it comes to home security. It’s important to establish a structurally sound outside border to your garden, to ensure that intruding wildlife and would-be thieves don’t have easy access to your property. Likewise, it grants privacy to your Horley garden, and is a great way to put the finishing touches to a wider garden design scheme. Keep in mind, if you’ve spent a lot of time turning your garden into a beautiful sight to behold via landscape gardening, having poor quality (or even boring) garden fencing would be a shame. Decorative panels and trellises can be incorporated to really put the cherry on the cake, so to speak.


Landscape Gardening – Speaking of landscape gardening, if you haven’t given much thought to how your garden looks, we’d certainly recommend it. Planting the right flowers, hedges and trees, building walls and steps, as well as raised areas, can really liven up a property. Whether you’re a keen gardener and want something that will be a pleasure to tend to year round, or something minimal with more hard landscaping features than anything else, our team will help you realise your dream. While it’s hard to say exactly how much a well-kept and designed garden adds to a Horley property’s value, it certainly doesn’t harm it, and making changes isn’t as expensive as calling in driveway contractors or a patio laying team anyway!

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