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On this page, the Andrew Jee Landscaping team has looked to answer a handful of questions that we commonly receive from clients in the Dorking area. They cover areas including garden fencing and landscape gardening, as well as our work as patio laying and driveway contractors. If you have a question not answered below, we urge you get in contact with us on 01737 780 003 or 07973 492 626. A friendly, helpful member of our team will be more than happy to help you.

Common Landscaping Questions Answered

What different styles of garden fencing can I feature on my property?


Perhaps the most common style is timber lap panel garden fencing, or close board panel garden fencing. The two ubiquitous styles can be sourced in many different colours, finishes and sizes. Timber palisade fencing can also be found on the properties of many Dorking residents, while non-timber options like composite garden fencing are also increasing in popularity. Then there’s trellis fencing, which can be added on to additional fencing structures or made to be standalone. It’s more of a decorative option, which plants can climb and grow all over – a great way to make your landscape gardening scheme stand out.


Which materials are best for driveways?


Most driveway contractors utilise block paving, brick, concrete, gravel and tarmac for driveways. There is no one “best material”, as a lot of the decision making process comes down to personal preference. But the most popular among Dorking homeowners would likely be block paving. The reasons why driveway contractors, including our own team, tout this material as a fantastic option are numerous. It looks great, is stylistically versatile, easy to maintain and repair in case it’s damaged, and is affordable to boot!


If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, then both concrete and tarmac get the job done, though many find they look very plain and “bare bones”. Both gravel and brick tend to be chosen for the unique aesthetic they offer. The former looks very rustic, while the latter suits certain Dorking properties trying to capture a European-esque charm. If you’re unsure which to choose, or want more information about the characteristics of each material, we urge you to contact Andrew Jee Landscaping – the Dorking area’s top choice driveway contractors.


How can you assist me in the landscape gardening department?


Our team can design and build a garden from scratch, covering every single aspect of the process – including landscape gardening elements. This includes helping you pick out plants, trees and similar foliage, and choose high quality, nutrient rich turf that suits your needs. We’ll work with you to plan out where each element will look best, and then build any structural elements that are required, like walls, steps and raised areas. We can also incorporate stand-alone centrepieces like ponds and fountains.


But we’re aware not all our Dorking clients need a new garden, many come to us quite happy with what they’ve got, and just want a single feature added or amended. This isn’t a problem whatsoever! We take on jobs of all sizes, even if we’re just planting the odd bit of greenery and helping you on the way to being truly happy with your landscape gardening.


Which materials are best for laying patio?


There are a number of options you have available when it comes to patio laying. Like with driveways, block paving and brick are great choices. Tile can also work, if you have an affinity for it. But perhaps the most popular material among Dorking clients we carry out patio laying for, is natural stone. Although expensive, it’s hard wearing and looks fantastic.


There are many different types of stone suitable for patio laying, and each individual bit has minor imperfections that give it the warm and natural look that works so well within the vast majority of wider landscaping themes. As with those who are searching for driveway contractors, if you require advice on materials from a team of genuine patio laying experts covering Dorking and surrounding areas, contact Andrew Jee Landscaping right away.


Do you solely cover the Dorking area?


No. Based out of Reigate, we cover surrounding areas within Surrey including Reigate and Horley. If you’re not based in Dorking but have found your way here, please navigate to our Areas We Cover page to confirm that our team of driveway contractors, garden fencing experts, patio laying specialists and landscape gardening veterans are currently active within your locale.

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