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Patio Laying & Driveway Contractors for Horley, Dorking & Surrey

Hard landscaping is an area in which we excel. We improve properties for homeowners in and around Dorking, Horley, Redhill and Reigate, acting as the area’s trusted driveway contractors, as well as their top choice for patio laying. On this page, we’ve explored these two areas of our business. If you have a question regarding the below, or wish to discuss your own requirements, we urge you to give our friendly team a call on 01737 780 003 or 07973 492 626.

Beautifully Built Driveways

image of a newly laid patio

One of the first things you see when pulling up to a residence is the driveway. While a driveway has an important purpose, allowing vehicles onto your property, it also has the potential to either drastically improve or reduce the curb appeal of your home. This has a direct impact on the value of your property.


On top of this, a poorly constructed one built by unqualified or lazy driveway contractors may cause a number of problems, often drainage related. As the Dorking, Horley, Redhill and Reigate areas’ go-to driveway contractors, we can construct attractive, value-adding block paving, gravel or natural stone driveways in all sorts of styles and colours. Features that we can integrate include:


  • Edgings
  • Floral Borders
  • Gates
  • Steps & Kerbs
  • Drainage Channels
  • Manholes

Each available material has its own pros and cons. For example, block paving is known for being highly versatile, while gravel is very low maintenance. It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re unsure which material and features you’d like your driveway to be built with, we urge you to give us a call. A skilled Andew Jee Landscaping driveway contractor will be able to assess your requirements, offering free, no obligation advice. We can also show you our portfolio, so you can find some inspiration amongst past projects our driveway contractors have competed around Dorking, Horley, Redhill and Reigate.


If you decide that we’re the driveway contractors you’d like to use, we’ll visit your property for a site survey, then issue you a free quotation. We’re also happy to be of assistance in any pre-requisite steps, like securing planning permission, should you need us to be. Moving on from there, we’ll carry out ground preparation, source materials and construct the driveway itself, then carry out a final inspection when work has completed to ensure you are 100% happy with the job.

Quality Patios & Paving

The Andrew Jee Landscaping team can also improve the back end of your property via patio laying and paving. Patios are wonderful outside areas built from materials like block paving, brick, tile and natural stone. They’re a great space to relax and spend some time in the open air, and are also brilliant when it comes to dining and hosting guests during parties and gatherings. We’ve carried out a real range of patio laying jobs for clients in and around Dorking, Horley, Redhill and Reigate, from small tile patios to much larger block paving projects and everything in between.


Granite and slate are two of the more popular natural stone materials we offer to our clients, with each stone offering subtle natural variations which bring a warm and inviting aesthetic to the garden. It also has the benefit of maturing with age, making it a wise investment financially. Patios are sought after amongst house hunters, and therefore can pay for themselves when it comes time to sell-up. As patio laying can be done with such a variety of materials and in such a range of styles, even if you’re not entirely redesigning your garden’s landscaping, one can be incorporated within your existing layout/theme.


Our team can also pave other areas of your Dorking, Horley, Redhill or Reigate property. If you need a path established, or paving laid at the front of your home, then we would love to take on the project. Paving can make neglected or underutilised areas accessible, open up a whole host of further development options, and encourage you to get out and make the most of the land you own. So be sure to give us a call to discuss your requirements and receive a free quote, should you be in the market for any of the work detailed above.

image of new patio

Have a question for our driveway contractors and expert patio contractors in Reigate? Call us today on 01737 780 003 or 07973 492 626.